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Fees Policy 2013-14

Leicester Adult Skills and Learning Service receives a subsidy for most of its provision from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA)  and our  fees policy is reviewed annually to ensure compliance with any variations in the funding regulations and to support the Service’s strategic objectives, as outlined in our strategic plan.

Courses leading to a qualification

Our Tuition Fees for qualification courses will be aligned to the SFA rates for qualifications.

Learners’ fees for qualification courses are calculated based on the learners’ eligibility and circumstances on the first day of their course.  Fees are charged under three bands:

  • Full fee / loan –100% cost of the course to be paid by the learner or through a successful application for a 24+ Loan to the Student Loan Company,you can find out more about loans on our 24+ loan page here>
  • 50% Reduction – 50% cost of the course paid by the learner 50% by the SFA
  • FREE – 100% costs of the course paid by SFA / EFA

The following table shows tuition fee categories for learners who are eligible for SFA / EFA funded provision or 24+ student loans.  Any learner who does not meet their eligibility criteria will have to pay the full cost of the course and would not be eligible to apply for a 24+ student loan.

24+ Learning Loans

For further information about 24+Advanced Learning Loans please visit our 24+ Loan page here >

Qualifications and their corresponding levels

Qualifications are available at a number of levels.  In order to decide the fees you will need to pay, we need to identify the highest level qualification you currently hold.  On the enrolment form you will need to indicate which category you fall into


Our Community Learning Programme (CLP)

Tuition Fees for most CLP Courses are £5.00 per hour, with the following exceptions:

  • One day courses - £6.00 per hour (with life model £7.50 per hour)
  • Art courses with life models - £6.50 per hour
  • Enhanced rate – courses with additional resources, food etc. calculated at CLP rate plus additional costs recovery based on 10 learners
  • Language learning in small groups - £8.33 per hour

CLP Tuition Fee Remission

  • For those on certain benefits identified on the enrolment form receive a 70% reduction in course fee
  • Some of our provision targeted at unemployed people in specific areas across the city may qualify for 100% fee remission

Learners’ not eligible for SFA funding

Learners’ are not eligible for SFA funding (see Eligibility Rules) can join a course where places are available but priority will be given to SFA funded learners. These learners will pay a full cost rate of £13.50 per hour and are not eligible for Learner Support Funds so must also pay all exam and registration fees.

Additional costs, for materials, resources or accreditation costs are detailed in the Course Information Sheet.  Eligible learners may be able to get support from the Discretionary Learner Support Fund.

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